Other than that, it is not possible to get a man.

Posbıyık responded to the criticism about the thank you gift given to him by the workers after the collective agreement covering the company workers working in Ereğli Municipality as follows:

“I think we have a successful collective agreement. For the first time, we signed a successful collective agreement with you, with the contribution of our city council members. The first collective agreement of subcontracted workers. This is a historical moment. This is also the case for other municipalities. Women friends bought gifts. Thank you. They are so happy. Some of them giggle. I look at them, I examine them. I know very well who is doing what. All of them are my friends with torpedoes. That party, this party is not important. There are those who stop. Now I’m trying to detect them. So an interesting thing. Three or five people, but they also lost their lives and did nothing. Their work is lacquer until the evening. “

The commission report containing the rejection of the objection to the zoning plan change regarding the immovable property located in Orhanlar District was accepted unanimously.

Türk-İş Secretary General and Türk Metal Union Chairman Pevrul Kavlak, on his trip to the district, which was actually a support visit to the AK Party, made a meeting with Erdemir workers.

Karadeniz Ereğli AK Party Mayor Candidate Candidate Erol Şahin said that any negativity to be experienced in the transfer of subcontracted workers working in Erdemir …

General Mining Workers’ Union (GMIS) President Hakan Yeşil made a statement on behalf of the Board of Directors on May 17, 2010 …

dear posbıyık dear Kemal Bektas leader, maybe you will be ashamed if you read an article, you ruined my goal.

The officers are not too many, the workers are too shameful, the civil servants start at 10 and 6 hours a day for months, and they work 6 hours a day.

Before you become a retired person, you really deserve the unemployed people. Do you get the job? Do you get 15 TL?

Posbiyik night, a broom wheelbarrow in your hand, take a broomstick from the streets, look what a late nation tells you, look what your employee plays with his bread, God damn it.

I am 57 years old and still work from 7:30 in the morning until the evening … No matter how many parasites there are who take a share with the tax revenue obtained from me, God give a thousand troubles, the poison is my dear.

The municipality will not be left to you, do not take a president, take the sting out of the oppressed. 850 Employees are exactly happy, and if you pull this to 500, this is a great plague

My president, there are some of these contractor workers, especially in the security section, who can dig your well. People who always think against them. No one is the kind to vote for you, I think leave them all out the door

You are right, the reader entered close to the evening and they did not work until the evening.

Why are the subcontractors always stand out everywhere, we do all the dirty work, the servants like the skirts from the officers and shop on the internet, noble they are the load matches 5 thousand 4 thousand subcontractors received 2800 it is not so unfair, this place has six bids, we do it in the 8 jobs that the servants will see. take away every garbage, God is above

You bought it with a torpedo, pray they didn’t do anything to you, real employees, poor people, you have enough strength for those who wait for ATM, you protect those who fight chairs, anyway they are torpedoed.

Our president has the knowledge and experience to fix this rottenness, I’m sure he will fix it.