Here it is in your hands to color this monotonous life a little more by betting, and to experience a great excitement at all hours of the day with coupons that you can follow on your mobile devices! For example, imagine that you are doing your desk job while betting on a football game being played at the same time. Watching that match on your phone can make you have a much more enjoyable time!

We’ve seen why sports betting is so popular. The examples we have given so far have always been based on football matches. So, is the betting world limited to football betting? Our answer is a huge no!

Yes, football, which is the most popular sport in the world and where dozens of matches are played almost every hour of the day, is undoubtedly the first sport that comes to mind when it comes to sports betting. Likewise, when we open the online sports betting operators, we see football with thousands of betting options in the first place, but the betting options do not end there! For example, basketball, which is followed by millions of people all over the world and is one of the most popular sports in our country, is one of the most betting sports branches. Likewise, tennis, which we can call the most decent sport in the world of sports, is also a betting option that includes thousands of betting options every day.

In short, you can be sure that when you enter any betting site today, you will see that more than twenty sports branches are waiting for you. So much so that there are even sports branches among which you will hear the name for the first time! In addition to popular sports such as football, basketball, tennis and volleyball; Alternative sports such as darts, boxing, indoor football, snooker, netball, motor sports and even non-sports events such as politics and Eurovision are among the betting opportunities you can find on these sites.

If you want to earn money, we can easily say that these sports branches other than football have great earning opportunities. For example, you can predict basketball games with only two options for match outcome bets. Or, you can continue to win in the heat of summer with the tennis matches that continue in the summer when the football leagues are on holiday. In any case, among these dozens of sports, you will definitely find a sport that suits you and your style of betting, and you will be able to continue to experience the excitement of betting, no matter what month of the year, what time of the day.

About ten or fifteen years ago, a brand new type of betting emerged that took the betting world by storm and caused an extraordinary surge of excitement: live sports betting. This brand new genre spread to a wide audience in a very short time, it was welcomed by all players from seven to seventy, and nowadays, the popularity of live bets has surpassed the classic pre-match betting.

Bets10 draws attention with the high technology they use, the live betting pages on all sports betting websites, especially the sports betting website, the small additional games they include on their pages, the opportunity to watch live matches and other features. Especially live match broadcasts are one of the most important features of live betting sites. You can watch most of the matches, which normally require you to pay large amounts for broadcast packages to watch or browse channels, and even some of them do not have broadcasts, on the live betting page of the site you are a member of. Let’s underline that watching the game you bet on is a completely different pleasure.

Just like pre-match bets, we should mention that live football is one of the most popular types of live betting options. At any time, when you log in to the site, you can see that dozens of matches are offered and for each match, the match result, over / under, first half / match result, next corner, next crown, etc. You can see hundreds of live betting options are opened. However, we should mention that in addition to football matches, games from dozens of sports such as basketball, tennis, volleyball, ice hockey and baseball are among those waiting for you. It is a fact that these sports branches other than football offer very lucrative opportunities in live bets.

You can see for yourself that playing live will double the pleasure you get from sports betting! For example, you can make different predictions during the match while playing live, unlike pre-match bets where you have no other choice but to watch the match after predicting who will win before and making coupons, you can sit and get up from excitement during the match with options such as under-goal / over-goal or next goal. We should also remind you that many experienced bettors use live bets together with classic bets and compensate their losses on losing coupons by playing live for the same match.