The opening of the case was postponed and I was subject to probation. If I object, can I get results?

Hello, 2 days ago, when I was traveling with my vehicle, there was a turn around, the police said stop, I stopped and I was asked to get out of the vehicle, I was asked if there was anything on it, I was searched, 2gr of marijuana came out of me, they took me to the police station and they asked if there was any other in the vehicle. In my statement, I said that I bought it from the Roma district but I did not know the person I took, then I showed the place of the person in the car, I gave a total of 5-6 gr of cannabis on me as a suspect and they released it. Can narcotic branch officers stop a passing vehicle, take it out of the vehicle, search the body, remove it from me and then give it with their own consent.

Hello, my brother testified last Thursday that he was sharing the drugs he bought himself with his friends who were caught with bonzai and the court had a picture like this … he has two ends in his pocket now he is in the prison … I saw only one of his friends buying ten TL from two people. But my brother is not a smoker. On him he has allocated four hundred TL for school expenses for his child… He has no previous criminal record for this or any other matter. Can you give information about what the result will be?

Hello, teacher. My word is that they had a pill with his friends in April, in a very small amount, but he did not have it in his hands, and he ran away. He was caught in September. He was caught in September. Now he will have a court in the prison in January, but he did not have a criminal record or anything else before. He was inspected for an incident and his lawyer said how much punishment he will get now, but we are still very afraid, please help me.

Sir, I got drugs caught for the first time in my life, I was going to go to my inspections, but I did not receive the control papers because I changed the address, so they closed my file without being inspected, I have a court in November, what do you think is the result? I have the papers I took from the civil registry office for the first time in my life. what happens By the way, I will be in the army in November, most likely I will go to court in the military.

3 years ago, cannabis was found 2 meters ahead in the middle of our presence and I got a probation penalty from it, it has been over for more than 2 years, I got cannabis mixed with 0.8g of tobacco from my vehicle, will I get a penalty in this court?

Hello my fiancee has been using Mariona from time to time for 10 years.