CFL NFL Flag Championship

Field House at Commonwealth Stadium
11000 Stadium Rd,
Edmonton, AB, T5H 4E2

The second annual CFL NFL Flag Championship will take place Friday November 23rd at Commonwealth Stadium. The winner of the CFL NFL Flag Championship will travel to represent the CFL NFL Flag program at the NFL FLAG Championships during Pro Bowl Week in Orlando, Florida.

Below are the teams that qualified for the CFL NFL Flag Championship in Edmonton:

  • BC - Kelowna Pack Attack
  • Edmonton - Raymond Comets
  • Calgary - Calgary Youth Flag Football League Cobras
  • Saskatchewan - The Bomb Squad
  • Winnipeg - Tuesday Night Tykes
  • Hamilton - The Hammer
  • Toronto - Toronto Youth Flag Football League
  • Ottawa - The Cougars
  • Montreal - Flight School
  • Atlantic Canada - Halifax Titans

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CFL NFL Flag Championship