The Institute Of Sports Performance

Your health and safety is our top priority. We’d like to make you aware of some of the measures we’re taking and provide some of what you can do to keep yourself and our community healthy. Growth Mindset OrientedDevelop a mental approach that drives learning and skill building through hard work, effort, persistence, and feedback.

This includes joint mobility training, flexibility, core stability, a dynamic warm up and neuromuscular preparation geared toward the day’s training session. This step is critical to get the most out of the day’s training session. We list our programs by chronological age only because there is no way to restrict enrollment online based on developmental age. We know not all 12-year-olds are the same. We use an assessment to create an Athlete Development Profile for each athlete. Athletes are then recommended the appropriate program based on the results of the ADP.

& Dermody, B. M. Alterations in speed of squat movement and the use of accommodated resistance among college athletes training for power. Though these are topics a coach must thoroughly comprehend and apply before taking on athletic populations, I consider them also reasons to train athletes because knowledge is power. Nothing beats the growth a fitness professional can experience when expanding their understanding of the fundamental, physiological and ever so intricate details of coaching athletes.

It was exactly what I was looking for – a place to get my workouts in with people who know what they’re doing. There aren’t many places like this place around. A lot of gyms, the one-on-one part gets lost with so many people the trainers are trying to train. Here Jack and Jared are very hands-on with all their training and making sure you’re doing everything right, stretching you, teaching you how to do the lifts the correct way.

Our goal-oriented athletic development approach helps competitive athletes perform at the highest level through mental, physical and visual training techniques that achieve proven results. To provide comprehensive performance programs that minimize potential for injury, enhance sports performance, and maximize long term development. This program introduces training concepts for sprinting, change-of-direction agility, coordination and developmentally-appropriate athletic strength training to prepare for the high school level.