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Offered both as 2D and 3D , the Runners Performance program looks at the runners gait in effort to minimize impact forces while maximizing running economy and performance. Talking with @mindsports psychotherapist who works with #Olympics2021 athletes about #SimoneBiles & the mental gymnastics so many athletes -from grade schoolers to teens- face. His advice for his #Olympians & your child.

Each power-packed session will have you training like a pro with strength, speed and power exercises designed to improve your golf-specific strength, power, stability and club head speed. Strength is the foundation of everything athletic. One of the biggest reasons adult athletes decline in performance and have a higher risk of injury is declining levels of strength. This semi-private program allows you to progress at your own pace while under the guidance of our experienced coaches.

A sport-specific program takes into consideration the primary muscles, movement patterns, contraction phases, and joint actions observed during the sport in question. Learning how to coach an athlete through strength and conditioning is far more complicated than training general population clientele and, arguably, more fulfilling. There are many more factors, modalities, thinking, and planning strategies involved with coaching an athlete of any magnitude – young, adult, novice, or elite. ASP staff custom design for you a science-based program to optimize performance, rehabilitate or reduce injury risk and maximize productivity. Using TrainingSlate platform you can stay on track with your progress.

Our mission is to deliver a cutting-edge performance training system to each and every one of our clients — from developing youths to active adults and elite competitive athletes. Our goal is to improve client performance by fostering a constructive, inclusive and supportive environment in which our clients feel challenged to become the best they can be. EXCEED SPORTS PERFORMANCE & FITNESS is not for everyone. There are no lavish amenities, no fluff, and no gimmicks. We aim simply to provide our athletes and clients alike with an environment that will allow them to work hard and achieve results.

UW Health Sports Medicine’s Sports Performance program was created to address the training and education needs of competitive, high performance, elite and recreational athletes locally and regionally. All programs are designed to bring you the same professional-level performance training collegiate, Olympic and professional athletes receive every day. Sport performance is the manner in which sport participation is measured.