Athlete Sports Training

When coaching and programming for athletes, we must place a considerable emphasis on what they specifically need to excel in their sport. As an individual or athlete performs exercise, the energy system they utilize the most, will be the foundation of the adaptations they experience, hence why it is vital to consider the physiological components of the sport. When developing a program for an athlete, you should make attempts to connect the SAID principle with what occurs within the sport, to improve performance in practice and competition. We refer to this as “sport-specific” training.

UW Health Sports Medicine’s Sports Performance program was created to address the training and education needs of competitive, high performance, elite and recreational athletes locally and regionally. All programs are designed to bring you the same professional-level performance training collegiate, Olympic and professional athletes receive every day. Sport performance is the manner in which sport participation is measured.

Volume is defined as the total training performed within a session, microcycle, and/or phase 19. You will train 1-on-1 with a sports performance specialist who will design a program specific to your goals and needs for your sport/position. Sessions will be scheduled for 60, 75 or 90 minutes; 2-4 times per week based on your training goals. From fostering physical literacy in young athletes to optimizing physical capacity in physically mature athletes, we have incorporated a progressive training curriculum that addresses the specific needs of each athlete for optimal performance.

A sport-specific program takes into consideration the primary muscles, movement patterns, contraction phases, and joint actions observed during the sport in question. Learning how to coach an athlete through strength and conditioning is far more complicated than training general population clientele and, arguably, more fulfilling. There are many more factors, modalities, thinking, and planning strategies involved with coaching an athlete of any magnitude – young, adult, novice, or elite. ASP staff custom design for you a science-based program to optimize performance, rehabilitate or reduce injury risk and maximize productivity. Using TrainingSlate platform you can stay on track with your progress.

Offered both as 2D and 3D , the Runners Performance program looks at the runners gait in effort to minimize impact forces while maximizing running economy and performance. Talking with @mindsports psychotherapist who works with #Olympics2021 athletes about #SimoneBiles & the mental gymnastics so many athletes -from grade schoolers to teens- face. His advice for his #Olympians & your child.