Huntsman World Senior Games

Trap is the oldest shotgun shooting sport in America. Trapshooting derives its name from the device, called a trap, which throws clay targets into the air. Participants shoot at the clay targets thrown from a trap house located in front of the shooter. The trap rotates in a random sequence, presenting the shooter with a variety of going away shots, angling to the right, left and flying straightaway. When people think of shotgun matches, Skeet is probably the first thing they think of. Skeet is different than Trap in that the clay pigeons are “thrown” in such a way that they come from either side of the match field and generally cross in front of the shooter.

Shotgun matches are usually held outdoors so an outdoor range may have the best information for you. We offer a range of shooting sports including Sporting Clays, Super Sporting, Skeet, Trap and 5-Stand. Other shotgun sports with international recognition include Sporting Clays, Down-The-Line/ATA and Five stand. Gary, Fred, and Paul Woolard started the Club as a personal place to shoot.

While Maxwell was resurfacing part of the runway, their skeet field had to be closed leaving a lot of skeet shooters wanting a place to go and LWSSC was formed in 2001. Games and matches involving shotguns can be great fun! They are completely different than the action shooting matches involving other types of firearms. If you are interested in shotguns at all, these matches can help you become more confident and comfortable with your shotgun while improving your skill. If the shooter misses a shot, it is repeated immediately and is called an option. If the shooter completes the sequence with no misses during the round, the last or 25th target is shot at low house 8.

Mark actually got into shooting by accident when he was 12 years old. He didn’t come from a shooting background at all, so when his dad was invited to go clay shooting by a friend, he asked if Mark could go in his place instead. It was literally the first time Mark had ever seen a gun; He hadn’t even held an air rifle before.

We are a truly revolutionary experience.We are a one-stop-shop for all your shooting needs. Find out more about the game of skeet from the National Skeet Shooting Association. NSSF works on behalf of every one of its members every day to strengthen our industry.