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Individually wrapped snack items and beverages are available for purchase. Some events may have a licensed Food Truck on the premises. Bullseye, Glock GSSF, and Bianchi matches are 3 different types of pistol matches that are great for both new and experienced shooters. • Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to the top three shooters of each age division in each event. In the event of a tie, medals will be awarded to each.

Sporting Clays more closely parallels an actual bird hunting experience with clays presenting from different types of houses along the course. A Sporting Clay match is lengthier than either Trap or Skeet. Usually, shooters form small squads to play the course and shoot up to 10 clays at each station. The round count for a Sporting Clay match can range between 60 and 100 rounds per person per match. A trap field has five positions, or stations, numbered consecutively from left to right. Five clay targets, sometimes referred to as “birds,” are thrown for each shooter at each position, with one shot being fired at each bird.

After firing five rounds in rotation, each squad member moves one station to his right, with the shooter on station five moving over to station one. Unlike trap, skeet includes a variety of crossing target angles. The skeet field is designed similar to that of a trap field but with eight shooting stations and two trap houses. Seven of the stations are arranged in a semi-circle between the two trap houses while one station sits directly between them.

Shooters are engaging a moving target but they themselves are not moving. Trap is a sport that is inviting to many different types of shotgun shooters. Young and old alike, and in some cases, even those with disabilities can participate in a trap shooting match. There are three basic types of shotgun matches, trap, skeet, and sporting clays, and these all involve shooting small moving targets called clays .

I call it “Mix it up” Game goes like this – There are different colored targets which will be thrown. Shotgun matches are a great way to become more familiar and better with a shotgun. Generally, all ages can participate and being a safe shooter is the priority. To find out more about these types of matches in your area, contact your local gun range.