Midland University

Find out more about sporting clays from the National Sporting Clays Association. Our club has been around for about five years and competitive for the last three. We welcome shooters of all skill levels and work to help everyone improve.

Amelia Shotgun Sports is a woman-owned facility run by renowned Mental trainer and Hypnotist, Dawn Grant. Over the years, she has dedicated herself to training top athletes with their mental game from all over the world. She has worked with elite athletes, Hall of Famers, and Olympic golfers, shooters, and surfers.

The Colorado State University Shotgun Sports Team is a competitive shotgun shooting team for both men and women. The season begins in early fall with competitions throughout the year against colleges across the Midwest. This club provides students with an opportunity to engage in various shotgun shooting events while also teaching proper firearm handling. Currently, there are approximately 20 active competitors on the team that range in skill level. In April, the team participates in the ACUI National Competition, usually held in San Antonio, Texas. CSU consistently ranks in the top 10 nationally in differenct areas of competition.

A round also includes eight shots at four double-targets from stations 1, 2, 6 and 7. Shooters will alternate shooting single and report pair shots until all shooters have shot five targets at their station. They will then rotate stations until a total of 25 rounds have been shot.

On top of that, the number and types of shots taken also vary. That means every course is different which is half the fun! In sporting clays, shooters compete in squads of two to six shooters and travel among 10 to 15 stations. Two trap houses are required in skeet-a “high house” at the left of the field and a “low house” at the right.